Selected Works

Physics & Metaphysics
Young Adult Fiction
A trip through the multiverse with Jacobus Rose and his posse affirms that there's no place like home--not even home.
Short Fiction
The first entry in a collection of stories about small redemptions.
Nikola Tesla and Swami Vivekananda come face to face at a Gilded Age soirée that also includes Sarah Bernhardt and William James.
A Stephan Raszer short
short story
A New Stephan Raszer short
Alternate Realities
"Nowhere-Land may be the first truly 21st-century mystery I’ve read. It feels new, radical, in the way that the movie Blade Runner felt new. Stephan Raszer is the thinking man's private eye."
Detective Fiction/Fantasy
"Stephan Raszer is a hero in the grand lineage of sleuths with a taste for the esoteric, who rely on unexpected allies and more than the usual five senses as they tackle extraordinary crimes."
--Otto Penzler, founder of The Mysterious Bookshop
"Dollops of humour and horror and eroticism, a good solid conspiracy, and a hero who is a James Bond for the spiritually uncertain 21st century. Reads like Ludlum by way of Thomas Pynchon!"
--Ian Rankin, author of the Inspector Rebus novels
Short Story
Featured in The Absinthe Literary Review, summer/fall 2004.
Cover Story, L.A. Weekly, May 2005.

Weblog From Nowhere-Land

"Je t'aime, Charlie." "Moi non plus."

January 13, 2015

Tags: Charlie Hebdo, Je suis Charlie, Paris attack, Islamophobia

"Our Muhammad is really a lot nicer," says Charlie Hebdo's Editor-in-Chief about the cover of the magazine's post-massacre issue, which has now achieved a print run of five-million. And indeed he is. Nicer. He sheds a tear for those killed in his name, and holds a "Je Suis Charlie" sign in the manner of those Instagram shots of people displaying handwritten placards of confession or protest. He is also not proffering his hairy, naked ass to the world or saying, Le Coran, c'est de la merde, (more…)