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Weblog From Nowhere-Land

Gender Studies

All this talk of 'the male gaze'
As if it were something contemptuous
...or lethal
like the venomous stare of a basilisk.
When I gaze at woman,
I wonder that a flawed God
could have created something so lovely.
Or was it She who created Him?
Only then do I think, "I want her."
Fuck Foucault.
There is no 'power differential.'
Woman owns the estate.
Man is only a tenant.  Read More 
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Pink Elephants: In Search Of A Cure For Male Sexual Misconduct

I'm speaking to the women in the room. Guys, you can listen, but keep your mouths shut. This is about why we violate sexual boundaries, and if I can get the women to talk without fear of interruption, we might all learn something.  Read More 
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November 22: Jack & Mary

History isn't dead. It bubbles and oozes beneath the cracked earth like magma, its vapors informing what we call the present.  Read More 
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Unnatural Selection

"Let us understand, once and for all, that the ethical progress of society depends, not on imitating the cosmic process, but in combating it." -- Thomas Huxley, "Evolution and Ethics"

I sometimes ask myself why Providence has left me with relatively little in the way of wealth and status to show for a lifetime of impassioned effort.  Read More 
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Resolution At The End Of A Dreadful Year

I sound my barbaric yawp over the roofs of the world. —Walt Whitman, Song of Myself

I hear the voices of reason—those urging us to come together—but mine won’t be among them this time. You can’t “reason” with the willfully ignorant. Read More 
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A Hymn To Obamacare (& Ali)

Obamacare, this is my testimony
Ali, this is my song of praise

When my family returned to the U.S. after a rocky three years in Europe, we were dead broke. And when I say broke, I mean we left every stick of furniture behind  Read More 
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The Name Of The Rose

One day, when the living nightmare of the 2016 election has passed, and Donald Trump has been sent into the wilderness of Gehenna, America is going to need to work out its shit on the subject of sex.  Read More 
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Trump & The Inversion Of Reality

With Trump, we're quickly approaching what a cosmologist and an ethicist (after a few drinks at the proverbial bar) might jointly describe as an inverted reality.  Read More 
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The Cool Guy

Ever since I first encountered Gillian Flynn's now iconic "Cool Girl" speech from her debut novel, GONE GIRL, I've wondered if, in the minds of men, there might also be a "Cool Guy" persona that we feel similarly pressured to live up to, and similarly resentful about having to maintain.  Read More 
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Bruce Springsteen and the Celestial Radio

"One soft, infested summer..." Home from college, waiting for the next reel of my life to unspool, I lie feverish in the bedroom of my disconsolate childhood on the too-small single bed with the Moby Grape poster still on the wall, trying to sleep off a hangover made of equal parts gin and party drugs.  Read More 
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