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Weblog From Nowhere-Land

Gender Studies

All this talk of 'the male gaze'
As if it were something contemptuous
...or lethal
like the venomous stare of a basilisk.
When I gaze at woman,
I wonder that a flawed God
could have created something so lovely.
Or was it She who created Him?
Only then do I think, "I want her."
Fuck Foucault.
There is no 'power differential.'
Woman owns the estate.
Man is only a tenant.  Read More 
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Pink Elephants: In Search Of A Cure For Male Sexual Misconduct

I'm speaking to the women in the room. Guys, you can listen, but keep your mouths shut. This is about why we violate sexual boundaries, and if I can get the women to talk without fear of interruption, we might all learn something.  Read More 
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